Leadership! Vision! Integrity!

Vision & Goals

Continue our Priority School Partnership to help schools do a needs assessment, provide the professional development based on feedback to increase student learning gains and educators' capacity

Expand professional development opportunities for our locals to offer quality trainings for teachers and  education staff professionals

Continue targeted organizing efforts to ensure all locals are above 55% density

Assist locals in targeted School Board races

Help locals pass county referendums

Target Senate and House seats by electing at least four additional education friendly senate seats to achieve our "Elect 20 by 2020" and gain parity

Elect a pro-public education Governor

Coordinate with locals to develop statewide monthly activities to activate members and engage our communities

Coordinate a plan with the Panhandle locals to ensure they increase their vote share by 2%

Repeal aspects of HB 7069 and HB 7055 after electing pro-public education candidates

Remain committed to empowering early career educators and  

providing support to the student program because they are our future leaders

Work in conjunction with FEA ESP PPC as we continue empowering our  

education staff professional leaders and members

Remain committed to providing support and organizing new retiree chapters, because their wisdom and experience makes us stronger