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As teachers were leaving the classroom, I returned last year.  This afforded me an opportunity to understand the struggles our members are currently facing.  Leaders must be experienced, knowledgeable and grounded in what our members face each and every day!

About Joanne McCall - Immediate Past President of Florida

My Message

My Experience

My Experience

I'm running for secretary-treasure because I am uniquely qualified with a wide association background and set of skills to ignite a positive change in our association.  When I was first elected at the state level with the help of a team we turned our budget from 2 million in the red to a healthy budget.  This was done by restructuring our budget to align to our priorities, making tough decisions, and creating a culture of organizing.  Working together we can ensure everyone (Education Support Professionals, Teachers, Higher Education, Aspiring Educators and Retired Educators) are included, valued and part of the puzzle to create a stronger NEA!  We must set the tone and take back our profession and our public schools

My Experience

My Experience

My Experience

 Speech Language Pathologist


NEA Charter Schools Task Force

NEA Chair Advisory Cmte. PAC Rec.

NEA Women's Leadership Cadre

NCSEA Member

Florida Education Association President

Florida Education Association Vice President

Florida Teaching Profession-NEA Vice President

FL Teaching Profession-NEA Merger Neg.

Florida Education Association Executive Cabinet

Florida Education Association Gov. Board

Sumter County EA President

Sumter County EA Secretary

Sumter County EA Negotiations Team

Sumter County EA Membership Chair

Our next NEA Sec-Treas must have proven leadership skills


Organizing for Power



  • Developed and worked with locals to create a culture of organizing utilizing research-based strategies.  FEA’s membership increased by approximately 30,000 members under this program.
  • Held town halls in locals and service units all over the state to inform and engage members.
  • Organized a new unit in a county with no representation, a new ESP unit in a local with no representation and numerous Higher Education Chapters.
  • Partnered with teacher and ESP locals to develop proactive plans to make sure all locals are over 50% density.
  • Empowered locals by certifying teachers and education support members in 31 locals to bring relevant professional development training to their local.  
  • Utilized a listening tour to hear directly from members.
  • Established a primary focus on Priority Schools and partnered with the Schultz Center to provide strategies and support to these schools.
  • Created the FYRE Program (Florida’s Young Remarkable Educators) to activate and engage young members and early career educators in our organization while providing leadership development and, support in their early career years.


Political Influence



  • Held a historic rally of FEA members prior to the red for ed movement to engage our members.
  • Participated with our partners to pass a constitutional amendment to have our senate and house lines re-drawn to be fairer and more competitive.
  • Built a solid moderate Republican firewall in the Senate which blocked
    • Union busting attempts
    • TABOR and other anti-tax initiatives
    • Dismantling our pension
  • Engaged effectively in state politics which led to electing 16 senators, broke the super majority in the house and winning many congressional seats.
  • Seizing the rapidly changing political landscape by rolling out an aggressive plan (educate the vote) to maximize political victory.
  • Successfully assisted locals in electing school board members and passing local referendums.
  • Enacted grassroots political organizing to help locals engage our members in the political process.
  • Created a “Report Card” to let legislators know we were aware of their votes.  Members utilized this tool as they lobbied and voted on who would have an impact on their job.
  • First officer to be appointed and serve on Florida’s Commission on Status of Women.
  • An integral partner with progressive coalitions to move a pro-public education agenda.
  • Created labor solidarity by fully affiliating with the AFL-CIO at all levels and also with police and firefighters.
  • Formed a member Republican lobbying cadre.


Fiduciary Responsibility



  • Inherited an almost 2 million dollar deficient and turned it around in one year.
  • Managed a 34-million-dollar budget.
  • Balanced the needs of locals ranging in size from 20 members to 15,000 members.
  • Brought fairness and equity to ESP and GAU dues by proposing and passing a constitutional amendment to lower dues to no more than ½ and ¼ dues.
  • Reorganized FEA staff to focus more on local empowerment.
  • Improved FEA labor-management relationship resulting in staff contract settlements and a substantial reduction in health insurance costs.
  • Restructured the service unit grant program to ensure fairness and equity for all locals – no matter their size.


Equity & Diversity



  • Began and continued discussion of institutional racism – having the uncomfortable, hard conversations is critical to making systemic change.
  • Developed and instituted a female and ethnic minority staff intern program focused on growing the next generation of staff members from within our ranks.
  • Developed an election process at the Board level to ensure we met our diversity representation goals.
  • Helped establish, support and nature the Education Support Professional Program and Policy Council.  
  • Achieved the most diverse leadership cabinet in the history of FEA – gender, ethnicity, age and those working in schools vs full time released.

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